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Comment: The 14th Amendment gives

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The 14th Amendment gives

The 14th Amendment gives federal citizens (more commonly known as US citizens) protections superior to state's laws. It was for this very reason that the 14th Amendment was written, to TAKE AWAY state's rights over people. It started out as preventing the "Black codes", but clearly reading the proponents of the 14th amendment, it was not to be limited to such. The federal state has superior authority over federal citizens, the state's authority over federal citizens is secondary.

Certainly you are correct, the Republic is dead. But it didn't die this year, it died in 1868.

These justices are merely ruling on the law. And they ruled correctly, the states cannot deprive FEDERAL CITIZENS of rights the FEDERAL STATE allows them. The only way to change these judges ruling is by abolishing the 14th amendment, abolishing Federal citizenship.

"...No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States..."

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