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Comment: Apparently Ralph

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Apparently Ralph

does not know of the true nature of the MOCK courts we have here, Admiralty Law and Jurisdiction etc.

We do not have courts that practice common/constitutional law. And that goes for Attorneys as well. I would almost all are bottom feeders and yet maybe some actually think there is a system in place that is true.

Put that together with the monetary system that we have and it's a NO win situatuion for anyone seeking the so called JUSTICE the courts dish out.

Even with the dastardly alliance of the state with the courts, the monetary system, the prisons/jails and the law enforcement and the DOJ etc - the corruption is the LEAST of the problems.

The courts are not set up to administer true justice to anyone. They are basically ATM machines with revolving doors.

Either he chooses not to be knowledgeable about this or he is ignorant of how it is supposed to work.

Oops, I almost forgot about the foundation - Britain and the BAR etc.

Ralph can write about it until the cows come home. It will NOT change.

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