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Which is just one of many reasons why I think this whole "Stand with Rand" thing isn't going to be the world-changing movement that some here have been trying to make it out to be.

TPTB have shown time and again that our votes either don't count and/or matter, so what's the point in playing their game? To sucker people back into playing the red team/blue team game by encouraging 'liberty' folks to join the GOP, a party that is primarily composed of warmongering filth who worship at the altar of the long as there's an (R) next to it. I can't believe that some here still support those clowns, despite how RP supporters were treated in 2012.

I've already seen the "a vote for anyone other than Rand is a vote for Hilary" argument pop up a few times on the DP and it's only mid's the VERY SAME THING people here complained about when the 'neocons' all said "a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama".


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