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Great post..

I have found the path I am going to take and I am taking the fight to them... just doing it very sneaky.

I am building a non-partisan group named the Columbus Liberty Coalition. We have determined our platform and as a group agree with each others principles. I am not asking permission to form my group. I am just doing it. We are attracting a wide variety of people because we are non-partisan. I am voting for Rand.. but I do not expect our group too.. unless they want too. The point is, I believe that our principles are what bring us together.

It is non-partisan because the party system sucks ass. The only way to defeat these statists is to replace them with our people. We are getting involved in the midterms. We are getting behind legislation and candidates that agree with our platform:

-Protection of Civil Liberties
-Equal Rights for ALL! (including gay people)
-Legalization of Marijuna
-Fiscal Responsibility

I kept looking around for someone to do something. I decided to do it my damn self. Snowden was the last straw for me.

Violence is not the solution to me. I prefer to walk down that hill and f*ck all those cows.

Get involved. Inspire others. Defend our natural rights and way of life. We have a winning message and we can win.

Peace Smudge... :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul