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Comment: This about sums it up.

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This about sums it up.

Gold has endured quite a drubbing, and the naysayers are piling on. The bear case: Gold pays you nothing and its 15 minutes of fame have come and gone. That’s the extent of the forensic analysis. There is no mention that the global economy is in continued crisis and that easing policies are set to ramp up, not down.

No mention of record physical Gold demand; no mention of physical Gold transfer from West to East; no mention of $trillions in toxic derivatives still sloshing in the system; no mention of foreign net sales of US notes and bonds in April to the tune of -$54.5 billion…the highest level on record since data collection began in 1978. No mention of inflationary pressures lurking just around the bend.

The Fed will remain undeterred in its objective to reverse the historic low velocity of money and to achieve stated inflation targets and beyond. It would seem clear the ultimate and final goal of the Fed will be (if not already) to inflate-away the debt. The bullish indicators for Gold could not be more apparent than they are today.”