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Not at all

I clearly said that the blood spilled will likely be ours.

The title was changed, thank Michael for the confusion I suppose.

I simple say that there will be NO change until there is violence. I did not try to instigate it, but rather I point out that there are many ready to respond to said violence and make a stand. Also, that until there is something that we actually physically demand, through peaceful protest, civil disobedience, or all out revolution, there will not be a change.

This is not something I promote, or even that I want. I just realized it after telling people to write their congressmen, and blah blah blah. The man doesn't care, doesn't listen. We have to show our power before there will be change, and before there is change, they will physically resist, via violence.

Sorry if the change of post confused you, not my call. But you can clearly read it and although it may seem as if I'm talking about US spilling blood, when you read through it, I tell you at the end that I'm talking about us having enough balls to take a stand.

Look what Snowden did. Was it the right thing? Was it peaceful on his part? I promise it will end with violence.