Comment: With my tin foil hat on

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With my tin foil hat on

I think its all part of a plan to harass and criminalize anyone who prosperous, and has the temerity to spend money on themselves or others,instead of giving it all to the state to be distributed for greater good of the People, *Cough*cough*.

After all, the only true equality can be achieved if all of us are in poverty,living off the rationed dole from our fearless leaders, to each according to his needs.

Of course said leaders who labor so earnestly for our benefit will be excused to have a "few" luxuries as they labor tirelessly on our behalf to guide us into a future utopia.

Man, I am getting too hard core, aren't I?

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin