Comment: I think you are making a mistake

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I think you are making a mistake

on the definition of society.

I often hear "our society needs a safety net" when I object to SS, or "our society needs to take care of x" when I speak out against gov agency x. I am always quick to point out that there is a difference between "society" and "government". Government isn't society. (not implying that you believe this)

Had you said truth doesn't matter in government, I'd agree with you. In fact I'd reinforce that statement by pointing out that the very essence of government is theft (a very un-truthful act).

But you said that the truth doesn't matter in our society. I believe the truth matters, I believe you believe the truth matters, and your examples of Ron Paul and Edward Snowden, IMO, prove that the truth actually does matter. Are we not all part of society?


"become the lead fisherman and teach all men to fish"

it seems you are implying, assuming the "lead fisherman" you are referring to is the president, that the government is going to somehow teach us all and fix our problems. This, I think, is a plan that won't work. Our solutions won't come from government, our solutions come from changing ourselves, and changing peoples minds. The Jesus/Gandhi/RP model is much more effective than the totalitarian/rand model for actually making the changes we want.