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Sorry, but he's a lame douchebag with an explosive ego. Not a hero. He gave classified information to the Chinese, for Christ' sake. Yes, the U.S. spies on China and they spy on us. Not something to be spoken out loud.

I don't feel like Snowden's "truth" has set me free. Quite unlike my reaction to the shocking revelations from PVT Manning. Manning exposed war crimes; conversely Snowden deliberately sought out NSA work just to leak it--leaking factoids we've known since or assumed since Bamford's Puzzle Palace, and especially since WIRED's article on the giant, evil byte-sucking vacuum being assembled in Utah.

F**k Snowden. Would be LOL funny if the Russians arrested him and handed him over to Obama's rotten stooges. Pissing off Obama being a far worse crime than leaking state secrets.

What the White House and the military have been doing are unconstitutional and illegal. But you don't fix these terrifying problems by giving away secrets to our military enemies.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.