Comment: Why doesn't he just go to Venezuela?

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Why doesn't he just go to Venezuela?

I don't understand why he just doesn't go to Venezuela? The Ecuador guy proved to be a whimp, and just folded-up under pressure from a Joe Biden phone call, and now refuses to grant his request.

And the mighty Vladimir Putin also caved too, and has now said that he will grant asylum -- if and only if he stops all leaks and disclosures (in other words he is muzzled - no free speech).

Yet Maduro of Venezuela has practically begged him to make a request for asylum, and assured him that he would be free there. Clearly, Chavez and Maduro have been hip to the tyranny, violence, and loss of rights perpetrated around the planet by the United Warfare States of Corruption. Maduro knows that that Edward Snowden is a genuine hero, and a courageous individual who deserves the chance to remain free and to speak freely.

So Snowden, get smart, and go where you are really wanted ... Venezuela. You will not be able to find anyplace else in the World that is so loyal and consistent, against the U.S. Empire of shame, and in favor of your own freedom.

Forget Russia
Forget Ecuador
Venezuela recognizes that you're on the side of truth, means what they say, and you can go speak freely there.

And Maduro, like Chavez, will not be intimidated by a damn Joe Biden phone call.