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I have photos

I have photos from that time.. contrails galore that lasted all day... I have photos from a hike I did in Northern Sweden out in the middle of nowhere... contrails all through the sky... it is from jet airplanes... jet engines heat up the air, change the saturation point, creating trails... dew point... it isn't rocket science... well actually it is jet science.

After the contrails lasted all day on the hike, the wild reindeer that we saw, actually started jumping into the air and flying... then the reindeer started making contrails... only they were brown! Then some scientist showed up in a helicopter and started taking samples of the brown contrails that were raining down on us... actually reining down on us... then I slipped on a rock, and my shoes fell off... I wouldn't have slipped if the chemicals from the contrails had not landed on that rock... I am certain of it.