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This is my final reply to you

All you can do is misrepresent what I say, that's downright cowardly.

"Society"- a group of people involved with each other through persistent relations.

Society does not care about the damn truth. Stop going off on wild tangents and address my points. If society cared about the truth, Edward Snowden would have the medal of freedom, and not be in exile. We would not be in this holy shit storm of a mess, if even HALF of the people in the country cared enough about the truth. People don't care, they don't care! They're happy as long as they can get by with their TV's and iPads. It's how totalitarianism forms, it's how republics die.

government is going to somehow teach us all and fix our problems.

That's a bullshit misrepresentation, that's tantamount to calling non interventionism, isolationism. If you can't counter argue my points than don't even bother to reply. You know damn well I was insinuating that the mass ignorance of the people in the world listen to "leaders" and the only way to change enough of their minds quickly is to remove the bad "leaders" and install people who can teach them.

For god sakes, the majority of libertarianism would still be a scattered mess if it wasn't for Ron Paul. That's the real reflection we all need to make, is WE the individualists needed a leader to help us. So how on Earth can you expect the ignorant sheep to move in the right direction without SOME top down influence?

The Jesus/Gandhi/RP model is much more effective than the totalitarian/rand model for actually making the changes we want.

Wow, I won't even address that.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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