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Comment: I've played bass for 17 years

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I've played bass for 17 years

Not professionally, just as a hobby. Naturally I was drawn to these guys on account of Geddy being an incredible bassist. They kind of lose me with some of later stuff in the 80's, but I think that's largely because Geddy spent more time on the synths than he should've.

I see themes of liberty in a number of their songs, obviously paramount would have to be Freewill. We all make choices every single day of our lives, and unfortunately I fear most make poor choices. Especially when it comes to how much power they'll allow government to have over their lives.

Neil's lyrics sometimes feel a bit... literal. I don't know that it was intentional, but I think given around the time it started to spring up, it feels like there's a certain aspect of the liberty movement in Far Cry.

Pariah dogs and wandering madmen
Barking at strangers and speaking in tongues
The ebb and flow of tidal fortune
Electrical changes are charging up the young

Whirlwind life of faith and betrayal
Rising angle, fall back and repeat
Slow degrees on the dark horizon
Full moon rising lays silver at your feet

I interpret this as saying despite the pundits, talking heads and politicians there's a sea change coming driven by youth, and that as long as we continue to work against those who'd do us ill, we're going to getting sound money. I may be overreaching haha.

I'm big on Analog Kid and Digital Man ("got a date with fate in a black sedan" has he been arrested by the Feds?), Afterimage, everything off of Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves, Kid Gloves... I think most of all, I love the funky bass and choppy guitar riffs in Lakeside Park.

A thousand ten cent wonders
Who could ask for more
A pocketful full of silver
The key to heaven's door

Sound money AND anti-inflation =D