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You been around here for a long ass time.. Could you please link to the video or story you are basing your case on?

Zimmerman is alive and gets to tell his side of the story. I am skeptical on both sides of this case and want to base my opinion on the facts I witness. I dont own a TV, so I miss most of the noise, or news that a television barks.

Zimmerman has also had a long time and a great legal defense team. You better believe Zimmerman wants to stay out of jail. He doesnt strike me as the brightest man, but I am positive he can be sneaky. He wanted to be on the force there.. he probably has friends that are on the force. This case is gonna be white hot because of the implications of either side winning. If Zimmerman wins, I am sure race crap will fire up (meaning it will further divide us) or if Martins family wins, its a victory over guns and the left will stand behind tear stained eyes and speak of new gun restrictions.

What a dog and pony show. I dont mean to rant.. but getting a television out of my life was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made. Unplugging from 'programming' has lit up my brain like a fireworks show.

I agree with Nystrom. The internet is the last wild west. We will look back to the beginning of the internet... Our children will not.

Anyway.. stories like this will hopefully continue to lose their shock value as the internet age progresses. I hope so anyway. If 1% of the energy that was spent on that bullshit, were spent on issues that have long term consequences.. we might be able to solve the problems in our country.

I bet Zimmerman doesn't want to be a cop anymore! hahahaaa

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