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Your straw man is a straw man

I NEVER have mentioned any "straw man" theory and you won't hear me mention that. Straw man does have an explicit place in law but it has nothing to do with a what I am talking about. You mentioned "straw man" so this is your straw man fallacy. This is how the ADL writes people's minds with the information they transfer into their neural nets. You fell for it and it has clearly corrupted your logically consistent and rational mental operation. This seems clear from your constant diversion into the "sovereign citizen" box the ADL put a bow on and put in front of you.

By the way the case I mentioned goes much deeper and has many more aspects to the story but that is way too long for here. I can say this that that man is not the only one who won in this particular situation. There were 5 people total who all won all on possession of cannabis and NO there is NO medical cannabis in Florida. Most won in a matter of minutes due to the fraud explicitly pointed out verbally right out of the gate and the court issued a nolle pros immediately. They did not do that with this particular man because he formally filed paperwork with a series of demands for redress. I must say though that watching the court get dominated at every level on this was absolutely one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. The criminals literally blew their lids and completely lost their composure to the point of a total melt down in the middle of the court. Red faced, yelling at the judge to throw the man in jail, bursting out of the courtroom, I mean a TOTAL meltdown by the assistant state attorney. They could not stand the fact that this early twenties, part-time ac repairman and drummer was maintaining his freedom in a way that only the judges and older more senior level attorneys could understand.

If you think this story is incredible you would be completely blown out of your seat if you heard the rest of my experiences in political activism prior to this. I have had the modern-day cointel pro activities carried out against me for organizing over 10,000 people to take over my University Student Government in order to shut it down over the 9-11, war and drug war issues. I had intel on a whole other level that even led to private invites to meet with certain US senators and other state reps. I was literally getting intel sent to me from not only from university, city and state insiders at the local and state level but also international investigative reporters and non-profit watchdogs due to the strategic positioning I was in. And I dropped the mind bombs from hell on the Dems in Florida over the illegal voting fraud that was completely uncovered. Believe me most people don't realize what actually happened with the voting in Florida and it was much worse than you think. Lets put it this way. Bill McBride who ran against Jeb is one of the Attorneys who worked for Holland and Knight who was the NAACP's law firm that settle with the State to KEEP illegally removed voters OFF the voter roles even after the court settlement where the State admitted to the voters illegally removed from the voter roles. NAACP got paid and agreed to keep voters off the voter roles illegally, the State paid the NAACP, Bill McBride helped craft keeping (mainly minority) voters off the voter roles, the minorities read that NAACP had victory and Bill McBride became the candidate that most minorities worked very hard to put against Jeb. The very man who made sure he would and the dems would lose is who the volunteers were working to win the election all the while not even knowing this whole history of a setup to intentionally lose. I exposed the details in private meetings with Senator Dodd (he was down in FL testing the waters for presidency), the Chairman of Florida Dems, State senators and house reps, along with all of their statewide volunteers. I was not dem but they thought they could put me in their little blue box and they FAILED big time. Senator Dodd left early and the Chairman got owned and the volunteers boiled over to the point that they dropped everything in the campaign to investigate how they could have been defrauded so badly by the very people they were working directly with. I was positioned so strategically at this time I even had a couple of discussions with Nader during this time period of activism.

I gotta tell you I really have some good stories. I have been busy. I know what its like when the NAZI style control freak agents show up, break in your house, tap your phones and emails, put viruses on your computer, disable your vehicles, put your private info out to biker gang thugs who attack your public events, commit voter fraud to stop a movement, send violent thugs into private parties and physically injure many people only to have the police say they are not going to arrest the people apprehended committing the violence and threaten to arrest those injured if any action was demanded, working and LEAVING the work with scientists who were working to put 2MW directed microwave beams in space to basically pop someone's head like a pimple (not quite but close artificial aneurisms definitely) anywhere on earth via centralized computer control systems and on and on. I could definitely blow your mind with pure truth of my experiences for sure!

I also know what its like to have criminal insiders in the university itself making academic records disappear, holding up university/corporate research and develop partnerships, illegally changing financial records, arbitrarily taking possession of private property vehicles and much much more.

All of my experience is why I know that politics will not work. Politics will not secure our liberty because the level of awareness required to really know what's going on is not within the will of 99% of the people. The only thing natural about politics is the polypeptides released into ones bloodstream that feed the cells their needs for emotional highs and lows. It does nothing in the end for securing liberty and everything for destroying liberty. I know because I have been there done that. What I learned is that if you stick your head up too high they will come and attempt to harass the crap out of you, deceive you, corrupt you, violently attack you or even kill you. The more effective you are the more of a target you become.

The courts are different entirely from politics and the courts is where our real power is (if the officers of the court egos don't take over truth and make EVERYTHING frivolous except what they say). But this power can be only be properly exercised if we understand what law actually is and how the law works.

You said:
"Whatever happened to the idea that if one is "innocent" then just arguing the facts? If one doesn't like the law, deal with the legislature on it! But don't show up in court and argue nonsense and say everyone is a "criminal" for enforcing the laws as they exist. "

The corrupt men claiming to be "officers of the court" corrupted that process and accepted the unlawful notion that a plant can be made unlawful. This is insane, totally corrupt, and a complete abomination of Law itself. The fallacy of a plant being lawful or not being dependent upon another man's decision is only one extreme example of the complete failure of both the legislature and the courts to understand what law is. The fact that "law enforcement agents" do not name the principle they are acting in agency to demonstrates another extreme failure in understanding the law of agency and their bound duty. Corrupt men claiming they decide if a jury can try a class of criminal cases demonstrates a complete breach of their contractual duty. The fact that they breach article 1 section 10 by using violent force, threats, fear, intimidation to force the People to pay them in an unlawful tender represents another breach of their contractual duty and represents criminal acts and corruption. So yes what ever happened to actually having facts presented by an accuser who is facing you in a court in front of a jury demonstrating their valid cause (a cause that is not frivolous because it meets all required elements of a valid cause of action) for being in the court in the first place? What happened? You tell me, you are the one claiming to be a lawyer. What the hell happened??? I say your minds' got corrupted just like a computer gets corrupted when garbage data and instructions are input. Garbage in -> Garbage out

As far as the legislature. They are suppose to re-present information presented to them. Every time I have presented to my so called "representative" they have re-presented the exact opposite of my presentation. What about the fact that they voluntarily signed up for the prohibitions and limited scope of their agency in the contract of the Constitution but yet they are the ones who made "laws" claiming a plant cannot be possessed or that they can spy on us whenever they want or that they can imprison or kill anyone without due process? What the hell happened to these insane lunatics? Clearly they cannot be trusted. When one thoroughly examines the entire voting process and how fraudulent the whole thing is and how controlled the media is and the impenetrable artificial barrier to third fourth fifth parties created by the "money" masters, the complete slimebaggery of the highest order with the political scene and the complete and utter ignorance of the American populace combined with TPTB mass intelligence grid, I'd say politics is about the absolute worst thing someone can do to protect liberty. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is what again?

So I suggest you reconsider your hard stance on whatever it is you think that law is because you have clearly demonstrated that you do not understand that all men are created equal also means equal liability. That just powers (powers of justice) of Government is derived from the consent of the governed. The government has only been tasked with protecting life liberty and happiness. How can they be protecting these things and taking them away at the same time all without claiming any liability for their own self-initiated colorable actions outside the bounds of their contractually bound agency EVER be considered lawful in any way. If you think law is anything else then you are deluding yourself into the land of logical fallacies which are easy to make you trip over your own words and arguments due to the inherent logical hierarchy of law. Did you ever consider that there are valid sovereign arguments that are not anything the ADL has touched? Why is it that in every case I find that 100% of the cases who win always have no consent issued and 100% of the cases that lose have some form of consent? This is where my research into case law has arrived and it is so eerily consistent that only deeper explanations into Common, Natural and even Divine law must come into play. It is way to consistent; literally 100% for both scenarios. Once you realize the nature of consent this is the only real thing you need to look for then you can see how they commit the entire fraud upon the population. It is all very simple not complicated. The usurpers and useful idiots made it complicated with millions of pages of code which ends up being little more that codified corruption itself because the very root of law is misunderstood by the individuals due to their corrupted operation.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...