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Comment: Ralph Nader Is The Dashboard Saint Of Trial Lawyers

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Ralph Nader Is The Dashboard Saint Of Trial Lawyers

Ralph is the principled hero of those who try cases to juries. Ralph comes to the battle as a public advocate, but make no mistake, he understands the role of private attorneys advancing public benefit pursuing the private rights of individual clients.

Tort deform of the insurance lobby and 'tough on crime' sycophantic government lawyers being allowed to fill the ranks of the judiciary without trial honed credentials was an 'accomplishment' of the suckers from the political right these past few decades. I don't know how many cases Ralph has tried ( likely not many since his prominent career in the public eye took off over the past 50 years), but I have no doubt he understands, and his solutions are more on track on behalf of the cause than most conservative strategies, who have mistakenly been duped to count the corporate/government complex as allies. Ralph's heart is in the right place and, as always, he trys to muster unfocused resources to do battle against the right enemies.