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Comment: The reason this talk was censored...

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The reason this talk was censored... that the speaker's hypothesis threatens the prevailing state religion. Whether you call it "scientific materialism", "secular humanism" or "political correctness", there is no question that the philosophy of the political establishment is just as dogmatic and faith-based as the most fanatical Bible-thumping evangelical or Jihadist. What makes it more insidiously damaging to society, however, is that its acolytes sincerely believe that they are free of superstition and more "enlightened" than the rest of us. They believe that their insight gives them the right, even obligation, to manage society for the greater good of all.

If everything in the universe is mechanistic and deterministic, then (for example) the Federal Reserve SHOULD be able to find the ideal interest rate, Obama SHOULD be able to design the perfect health care system, the U.S. Supreme Court SHOULD be able to decide social issues for everyone, Agenda 21 SHOULD be able to ideally manage and preserve our resources.

Ultimately, there is no reason why we should not be able to design a perfectly just, eternally peaceful, "scientifically" optimized, GLOBAL society ruled over by an all-wise, benevolent world government. This is, in fact, the inescapable conclusion of the state religion.

If Mr. Sheldrake's talk had not threatened this intellectual house of cards, he would never have been censored. He would simply have been dismissed as an interesting and amusing, but ultimately irrelevant, eccentric.

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