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Comment: Science Set Free

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Science Set Free

Is Sheldrake's book, related to this topic:

FWIW, isn't is clear that all organized groups have their own orthodoxy? Religion, of course, but political parties as well. Ron Paul was clearly outside the established and accepted orthodoxy of the Republican party, which drove the Establishment nuts! They did the exact same thing to Ron Paul.

Of course its not just the GOP. The Democratic party is the same, with Kucinich playing the Ron Paul / Rupert Sheldrake role over in that drama.

Libertarians are no different, either. There is an orthodoxy and factions that must be respected. Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard cannot be questioned (nor, for that matter, can Ron Paul). If you so much as hint that some government program somewhere might in fact benefit someone, you'll be shouted down as bloody "STATIST!"

The current controversy will hopefully help others to see through their own bullshit.