Comment: Trust Wiki? No way... talk about blowing cover!

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Trust Wiki? No way... talk about blowing cover!

Bruce Fein said it best: "... Mr. Assange really is a sideshow to some degree..."! He has stepped into an event he did not stage and in which he has no stake except to co-opt for others possibly!

The jury of grassroots truth is still out on Assange. He has already blown Snowdon's attempt to go to Ecuador... at least that is what the surface scuttlebutt indicates.

There are too many unknowns and unanswered questions concerning Assange and the real 'backers, movers and shakers' behind Wiki, to fall for everything he says! He has been positioned to attempt to corral grassroots opinion and mold it the direction of possibly alternate masters.

Bottom line is, there is no reason to blow the lid off all the countries considered to be asylum targets! They will most assuredly become anti-asylum targets!

There is more happening right now in the Snowdon affair, cleaverly designed to put fear in all whistleblowers, than all the investigations by congress or any other serious focus on what Snowdon exposed! That should set bells ringing! Part of this tactic is to focus the attention on the man, 'Snowdon', and his personal safety, his recourse to 'fair trial', his defense against charges of treason, etc. All important, but also useful as disinformation.

The real issue of fraud and tyranny in the US government is fading as the Snowdon affair takes on soap-opera proportions! The governments of not just America, have successfully comandeered the whole show and with Assange's help, turned it into a man-hunt saga!

Was that the whole dialectical intent? Any good Marxist/CFR/Leninist would do exactly this!

Wiki/CIA has to know this also!