Comment: The dog looked as if it was

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The dog looked as if it was

The dog looked as if it was subdued just before they shot him/her :(, and although i agree, the guy may have acted dickish, if other comments are to be believed, but unless he was infringing on somebodies rights, i dont see what reason they had to arrest him, i suspect it was ego mixed power of authority (trip)......either way, two sides, both lead to a dog protecting his family dying doing what he/she felt was NATURAL, what was RIGHT

Sorry if that came off rude, i actually thankyou for making me think, and i do see and understand where your coming from, but for me, i think this me exercising the the saying "i may not like what you have to say, but ill fight for your right to say them", even if i dont like it, IF you dont infringe a right in doing so