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exactly on all purchasing power drops

I keep seeing Silver hover at $18.50 or there abouts.
Mid August should see yet another reduction in the price of Silver/Gold and Copper. I don't pay much attentions to Platinum, Palladium or Rhodium as a precious metal.

Silver should hit about $11.83, Gold down to $972 and Copper at $2.63

I figure at that point, enough scandals will have occurred, or the US Gubermint will doing something incredibly stupid, ie Killing Ed Snowden or invading a sovereign nation to get him back, a frontal assault on Syria, blowing up an Iraqi site, playing fast and loose with a drone that kills an important political figure that ISN'T a terrorist, or we have yet another Psy-Ops fiasco that goes horribly wrong, and that will push the markets right over the edge.

That is my prediction.... for whatever it is worth