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Comment: Not strong arguments

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Not strong arguments

Whereas I agree with the fundamental premise that Science is dogmatic and hence flawed I thing what Whitechapel presented is not strong evidence for those flaws. The speed c is now defined as a fundamental constant over the meter because there are more accurate ways to measure the speed of light vs the length of a meter stick. That doesn't mean that the speed of light will in science always be a constant, its just that no successfully testable hypothesis has been put forward. Science always relies on experimentation to disprove something and that the real issue is that experimentation is often expensive and so relies on funding, which is political and hence that is where dogma becomes important. I think scientists would be astoundingly grateful if someone could disprove the speed of light was a constant because that would open up massive amounts or potential new research. So is it the scientists or the potential funders who are most reliant on dogma? I say the latter.

As to the sense someone is behind you. That is weak. We have 5 very acute senses that we numb daily with drugs, distractions and drudgery. Doesn't mean they don't work, just means we not are always aware of how well they work. When someone is standing behind you staring at you your hearing is very capable of detecting the changes in their breathing patterns as well the lack of normal sounds like rustling and shuffling. This together creates a recognizable pattern to the primitive ape brain as one of the important four 'f's: fear. ( This assumes that when someone stands and stares they will often do it secretly, and its the actions of hiding something that is identified as a potential danger, something that animals in the wild have evolved to face all the time.)