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Comment: "Wikileaks has provided a useful attorney"... Who?

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"Wikileaks has provided a useful attorney"... Who?

And, if there is one provided by Wiki, what has he/she accomplished for liberty in this case?

Make no mistake, the whole affair should be attacked dead-on solely for it's expose' of tyrany in the US government!

Regardless of the possible dis-information technics, mis-use of the messenger Snowdon, the distractions I alluded to above, the whole affair can be turned to liberty by taking the exposure seriously, believing it, and attacking back solely on the constitutional violations aspect! Forget the distractions of the soap opera!

The whole approach which will protect Snowdon best, if indeed he deserves protection as a sincere patriot, is the people focusing their massive energy upon the corruption exposed!

To the degree that the grassroots gets sidetracked into tangents offered up by who knows how many disinformation tacticians, or attempts to promote fear in whistle-blowers, the people will fall for the ruse, and be incapacitated in their proper role of 'watchmen on the walls', and fighters for the very freedom and liberty being attacked.