Comment: People, GET REAL.

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People, GET REAL.

The situation they could have been dealing with, from the looks of it was pretty serious. When you are taping something that they are doing...especially when it's wrong, BRAVO.

But when they are actually doing the job that we want them to, it's a little different. If you had someone "obstructing" anyone's job you'd all call it obnoxious, disrespectful and careless, if not hateful. But when it's a cop, all of a sudden it's that they're guilty until proven innocent? These are people too, and most of em, GREAT people. Yes, some were picked on in high school, or have always been dicks, or always abused power, and they just happened to become cops. I don't know how many cops there are in this country, but I would say that it's a pretty low rate of abuse overall.

Where there are crappy laws leaving the door open to abuse their authority, they will, and they are covering their ass until it becomes habit. Blame the politicians.

These people are in extraordinary situations EVERY SINGLE DAY. They get scared just like anyone else.

The dog attacked them, they shot. Justified. Could they have used a taser, probably. Should have? Iffy. It looks bad, but the world's bad. From all I know about this video, they could have been stopping a child prostitution ring and some asshole is being obnoxious to flex his rights. (I'm also for flexing your rights, but usually in circumstances where your rights are being violated)

I just hope you all stay skeptical. The cops aren't always the bad guys. Just keep an open mind. Please.