Comment: And The Munchkins sang, "Ding dong the Mutt is dead"

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And The Munchkins sang, "Ding dong the Mutt is dead"

According to the Bible, if an owner knowingly has a dangerous animal and He does not confine that animal and it harms someone, the animal is to be put to death and the owner is to be held responsible for any damage that is done to that person. And if that animal were to kill someone, the owner would get the death penalty. Why? Because God holds human life more valuable then a stinken rottweiler. The police officers did not attack that dog, that dog attacked them. That's why the bystanders yelled at the officers to watch out for the dog heading towards them. But evidently there are some people on this board that must believe dangerous animals have constitutional rights, and people don't have the right to bear firearms to protect themselves. As a person who has been attacked twice by dangerous dogs whom their owners did not secure, I wish to thank the officers for protecting the public and their fellow human beings, which includes "police officers", from this animal. One less dangerous mutt that I and others have to deal with. According to the Bible's standard, the owner should be charged with attacking a police officer, just as if he had done it himself. Don't like it? Argue with God not me. That's His standard.