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No, Not Really

I just want people to put themselves in their shoes, and people don't know everything because they've seen a few videos on youtube. Cops are trained to shoot center mass, because...if you are authorized deadly force, and he was, then you shoot to kill. They have a right to self-defense too, and because they are in life threatening situations more than most, that doesn't mean their rights just go out the window too. Come on.

Furthermore, they don't shoot at legs, and appendages not just because the shoot to kill thing, but there have been cops sued because they were expert marksman and they used lethal force when it was more than necessary. But, the argument used was that they could have just shot the leg and defused the situation, at risk to his own's just unrealistic. Hence, many PD's don't authorize the wearing of marksmanship badges on uniforms. I just wish people kept it real.