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Again, here's the (undisputed) score:

Zimmerman followed a suspicious guy.
Martin actively attacked Zimmerman.

There is zero evidence indicating any threatening behavior by Zimmerman.

Also - when you're ACTIVELY BEATING ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, when they are DOWN ON THE GROUND, yes, it makes you a thug, and when you get shot, you had it coming.

Have you ever heard of "reasonable doubt?" This case is positively DROWNING in it. Zimmerman's story is consistent, the prosecution's case has just been embarrassing, and the prosecution's witnesses have been downright sad.

The undisputed fact is that Martin was actively attacking Zimmerman - just look at the photos. Zimmerman then shot Martin while being attacked. Based entirely on those two facts alone, it can be safely said that Zimmerman was in the right.

BTW - I'm about a year older that Martin. I don't give a crap about "how he was raised." The action is up to the person taking it, and nobody else. Let's put me in the same circumstance. I see a guy following me after I've cut across some lawns at night wearing a hoodie. I continue walking, perhaps a bit faster, and take a few extra pains avoid doing anything unusual. I go back home. I mention the creepy guy following me, keep an eye out for a while, then go to bed.

No, seriously, it's that simple. All I had to do was not attack him.