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If the local/national government is to exist, it's role should be limited to an impartial mediation and a common defense of the willing participants, anything else is tyranny. politicians picked at random from willing participants, with 8 year maximum service, violation of oath, personal gain or infringement by them should be punished by death, no appeal. Congress to gather once every two years, unless an emergency, House meets first for a couple of weeks, passes propositions, Senate meets for a couple of weeks, after house is finished with their business, and votes on the stuff house passed, any changes will have to wait till next session and the bill as a whole can not be passed. Idea is to make the passing of any laws as difficult as possible, take away the power from politicians to enrich themselves at the expense of others. What we have now is no different from Soviet Union, lived there, seen that, don't want any of it.