Comment: I've never understood how ANY 'grown' ass man could ever

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I've never understood how ANY 'grown' ass man could ever

be afraid of dogs!

Rabies? sure, but frankly, I've NEVER come across an aggressive dog that I couldn't dissuade with a minor 'claw' grip to the stomach, or a slight kick to the side of the stomach, or if truly truly aggressive a strong assertive punch to the jaw/mandible joint.

Now, even if you are an armed, lowest common denominator-semi-annual-qual-'trained' cop, you should be able to fend off a dog, with no problems!

Hell, if you're a cop who's knowingly approaching a situation where a sizable dog is present, that IS when they SHOULD have a taser handy and out of the holster for quick deployment, if not a mace.

But, to routinely murder dogs, as they're doing all too regularly now, is absolutely inexcusable!

While I've personally never had strong attachment to dogs (even though I am a 'dog-person') like many do, still I can 100% understand and appreciate how even the 'meanest' humans love their dogs, as companions, a pack member, and a family member.

To take that link to another breathing creature away, not by you, but by a stranger, a state thug at that, is unconscionable, and SHOULD NEVER be allowed, unless that dog is literally about to maul the state-actor, or anyone else for that matter.

Better believe if you shoot a free man's dog, they're gonna react as if that State thug just murdered their family member.

Pathetically, as always, they're hypocrites: if one of their K9 units were ever to be harmed in ANY way, they act like a bunch of sensitive pussies, or worse, act as if their daughter has been raped.

And worse, the expensive taxpayer-paid-for-drama-indulgence: if one of their K9 is 'killed in the line of duty,' they actually have the gall to expect the citizenry to feel compelled to provide a royal funeral for it, with all the pomp and circumstances afforded a member of the Medici Dynasty!

Seriously, whenTF will the people say "Enough is Enough!" ?????

How does any sentient, politically savvy American not sense a boiling point just over the horizon?

Frankly, seeing as how twisted and upside down the world is, I'd venture to guess that the likelihood of an aberrant state actor murdering an innocent man's dog to spark something disastrous into something even worse, MUCH MORE than if one of their HUMAN family members were to meet the same fate as their dogs, at the hands of a State-actor.

Sad commentary on the state of the world. But frankly, would anyone be surprised, if that actually were to play out??

They really are pushing and pushing, just to see how far they can get away with it, before the entire system collapses...

But, even the state thugs at low to mid management must viscerally sense that at their current behavioral trajectory, it won't be too long before when even the most gullible of statist sheeple won't trust the govt or their propaganda anymore.

So, the question is: do these state-actors really really want to see that happen?

One truly has to wonder, if being sadomasochistic isn't a prerequisite in becoming a State-employee...

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul