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Comment: Okay, I heard it.

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Okay, I heard it.

Abby Martin mentions him twice.

Duh! I guess I wasn't really paying attention to Abby. :D

I tune Abby out, sort of by default. I find her a bit dimwitted. Her guests, in this case Susan Lindauer, are quite bright and have much to say. Abby's mention of bin Laden here is just another example of her completely dropping the ball on making the best of having an interesting guest with an interesting story. In other words, Lindauer has no information whatsoever regarding bin Laden, Saudis, or Afghanistan. She also has no information directly relating to events on 911. Her entire story relates to channels between the White House and Iraq. Had Abby done a better job, she would have honed her questions in on the notion that the White House for months leading up to the event had been hoping to pin it on Iraq and Hussein, but for some reason failed to build the mechanism to do so and instead, at the eleventh hour, opted to implicate an alternative cabal led by a dead man.