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Comment: Not that I'm into defending Beck or anything...

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Not that I'm into defending Beck or anything...

But this is the sequel to his book The Overton Window, which, believe it or not, was a decent read. It was trashy pulp fiction, hyperbolic, not very well written - written for say an 8th grade reading level. But the subject matter was something of interest to me, and to people here.

I think that people here who enjoy reading, and who are able to put their prejudices aside against the author in order to actually the book for a spin, I think you'll find both some enjoyment and education. Hell, you can get it on Amazon for under a dollar. And certainly in my neck of the woods, there are plenty of copies available for loan in the Minuteman Library system.

So it is all well and good to laugh at him ripping off these age old ideas in our neck of the 'conspiracy' realm, or however you want to classify it. But remember these are best selling books. And both of them have 4 star ratings on Amazon.

Again, I'm not defending Beck, but I'll give credit where it is due, and I'm not going to try to pull him down for what he's doing. All I say is read the book before you ridicule & make fun.

All that being said, I love reading and I also love a book that will teach me something and give my brain something to chew on while I'm being entertained. The Overton Window did that for me, and I'm looking forward, at some point, to reading this book. Though I doubt I'll pay full retail for it, because I don't have the time right now to read it.

And for the 1 in 20 people for whom what I just said makes any sense at all, another good fiction read - which also didn't do well, but which I reviewed here back many moons ago when it came out is:

Army of the Republic. This one can be gotten for a penny on Amazon, and it would be a penny well spent.

Peace Gold Liberty Out.