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I'm losing respect for this community. Bunch of immature children.

THEY ARE TRAINED PROFESSIONALS. They take huge risk. You couldn't do their job without training. By your logic:

Firefighters aren't heroes.

Ron Paul wasn't a hero for going against the system and upholding the Constitution for 30 years, he was paid to do it.

Doctors? Hell, they should wing it too. No pay, no education.

Any soldier...ever in U.S. History. (MAYBE not revolutionary war, but probably)


Glenn Greenwald? He's paid.

Hell, it's easier to ask who isn't paid to do their heroic task. Especially those who do heroic task repeatedly, I mean who isn't paid for that? If your good at it, and you don't think they should be paid, now your against the free market, just cuz they are cops.

Cop locally, that I served with in the military and know personally, saved three lives in the past month by applying tourniquets to civilians, that he didn't wound because you guys actually think that way.

If you don't see your flawed logic, I can't help you.