Comment: I'm with you on the "absolutist" attitude.

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I'm with you on the "absolutist" attitude.

It may come from bad experience in their locale, or maybe it's the no government crowd who just hate cops...I don't know, but it is very closed minded. I guess I'm lucky. My town has a good police force. They are not out to harass anyone or entrap, but when needed, they are johnny on the spot. Once when my Alzheimer's father wandered off and it was getting near dusk, I called, and the response was amazing.
This will probably piss off some people here, but I actually salute them when I pass them, purely out of respect, for they lay their lives on the line every day with little reward and low pay; the essence of public service. But I make it loud and clear to them every chance I get, that I want them to remain LOCAL, and I do not like them taking Federal grant money for any reason. Local control of police is a fundamental precept of liberty.

Undo what Wilson did