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The Vatican also rescued persecuted Jews

For balance,

"...... There probably was not a single ruler of our generation who did more to help the Jews in their hour of greatest tragedy, during the Nazi occupation of Europe, than the late Pope." -The Jewish Post, Nov. 6, 1958

"[Pope Pius XII's] dilemma was, how does he speak out without endangering them even further."

Rolf Hochhuth, a German playwright, had been credited with first advancing the idea that Pope Pius XII, and by extension the Vatican, had remain quiet during the Holocaust.

More recently, the Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem in 2005 had erected a placard with history conforming with the Hochhuth caricature of Pius XII. But in 2012, at the behest of Pave the Way Foundation, another placard with more tempered and accurate account of the history was added along side the previous one.