Comment: It's not Rand that I put my hope

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It's not Rand that I put my hope

It is all those rEVOLutionaries, Liberty Movementers, Patriots, and tea partiers who took Ron Paul's message seriously, and joined the GOP, took seats, chairs, and offices, became state and national delegates, and didn't stop after the selection, despite GOP loyalty oaths, broken bones, vandalism, personal atacks, censorship, fights within and outside the GOP, they continued to go to meetings, learn Robert's Rules of Order, went to converntions, flooded the floors, infiltraited the leadership, worked together, networked city by city, county by county, state by state, Rand or No Rand, held onto Ron Paul's message of LIBERTY and drove it HOME. They made their committees Liberty committees, they were elected to seats and offices, and they work on sub committees, by-laws, resolutions, inniatives, and continue to volunteer on more committees, youth committees, event committees, campaigns for inniatives and candidates, from fundraising to organizing, to writing letters, sending tweets, facebooks, editors, council members, board of supervisors, congresscritters, senators, corporations.. they don't stop.. they are my hope.. they are my pride.. they are who I stand with even more than Rand and I stand TALL for Rand because he deserves it.

With all due respects to Ron Paul who got us into theis mess, we will prevail, and we will WIN, because we are RepubliCANS and WE ARE THE FUTURE.