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Don't blame Israel

What is Palestine? Palestine is a Radical Muslim occupied and controled area that believes in Allah, not peace, and Sharia law, thus Palestine is interested in the destruction of Israel, not working with Israel.

Who are the palestinians? Radical Muslims who belong heart, mind and soul to ISLAM.

What music does Palestine produce? None.. it's music is prayer music to Islam.

What art does Palestine produce? Death to Israel and infidel posters, street acts of burning flags and effigies of Jews Christians and infidels

What does Palestine produce, suicide bombers/ martres for Islam

Don't support Rand.. move back to the hell hole Arabs call Palestine, shoot rockets, marry as many women as you can, beat them, abuse them, burn them, have as many babies as you can. teach them to hold guns before they are three, recite hate, tell lies, live in slums, starve and blame Israel and America for the HELL you create.