Comment: Where are you getting your details?

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Where are you getting your details?

It seems like some people on here are getting their details from CNN/MSNBC. I have been watching the testimony of multiple people in the case and as far as I can tell from the details presented George Zimmerman was not stalking Trayvon Martin. He noticed an individual acting suspiciously from his vehicle as he drove to the grocery store and decided to notify the police. He kept an eye on his location from his vehicle and was at one time circled by Trayvon. He rolled up his window to AVOID confrontation. He exited his vehicle not to follow Trayvon but to get the dispatcher the name of the street he was on. This is his signed statement which has not been refuted. After identifying the street he was on he made an attempt to get back to his vehicle but was confronted by Trayvon. This is when Trayvon attacked George Zimmerman. Fortunately none of the impacts George Zimmerman's head went through with the concrete sidewalk were fatal.

Calling George Zimmerman a crazy vigilante or anything else of the sort is also off base. He started taking an active role in protecting the community when a neighbor's house was broken into while the person was at home. This neighborhood was not a safe haven from crime but a breeding ground. George Zimmerman had a history of notifying the police and not interfering or "taking matters into his own hands".