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Go for it

intellectualize the fact that you didn't stand, you ran.. and you;'re going to LOSE. Prepare to LOSE. ENJOY IT, becasue that's what is going to happen to you.

2).. you and 33/ 36 other third parties.. I can't wait to see you get in the debates.. cricket choir

3) More principles? We are taking the GOP and making it ours.. every committee is different just like on DP.. my liberty committee is not like other liberty committees, we have our differences, but what's more is we want to end the GOP that was and make it a GOP that works for us.. so what are you going to do.. make your own little party of "principled" SPOILERS.

4) Ron Paul joined the GOP

5) After 33 years of losing in the lame Libertarian Party and being an Indy, I did GROW UP, it took GUTS, but I did it. It wasn't easy, it wasn't kind, I had to fight, I had to work, I had to learn, and I had to get elected, and I had to show up and speak up, and stand up.. and now.. I'm with an AWESOME party of LIBERTY minded people in the GOP, si I GREW UP!! Now why don't you.. you have the priciples of a cowards and refuse to fight with us so you're going to go against us? looking forwards to your cricket choir.