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An honest answer

Hi D. Mr. Walters. First of all, let me thank you for your contributions to the Daily Paul, which help to make this, as you say, 'one of the most frequented libertarian sites on the internet.' I do enjoy your contributions, which make up the diversity of opinion here.

There are some popular libertarian sites that do not allow comment. They would rather be walled gardens, than open forums. As much as possible, I want to keep the DP open to a diverse array of voices, because thought does not stand still. It is constantly evolving and progressing. And in this regard, even conservatives must progress!

- - - - -

But to answer your question: have you ever been approached by people interested in co-opting the Liberty Movement?

The answer, no doubt, is yes. But is isn't as simple as you make it. Those who wish to coopt the movement do not announce their intentions:

"Hi Michael! I'm interested in coopting the Liberty Movement! Seeing as you have this website, can you help?"

No, it is never that simple. If only it were.

There are many ways one could coopt the movement. Since it is never clear, one (myself) must be forever vigilant. To start with, one must understand what "The Liberty Movement" means.

What does it mean? What are its ends and goals?

This site began as a tribute to, and full-fledged support for Ron Paul. The Original Intent (capitals intended) was to elect Ron Paul president. I was naive enough at the time to think such a thing was possible. In retrospect, I think I was a little delusional. Not at the time of course, only in retrospect.

This is an important distinction. Because at the time, I thought I was completely rational. "Ron Paul can win!!!" That's what I thought.

History has rendered a verdict. And that verdict is that I was wrong. Ron Paul couldn't win. The only thing that matters is: He didn't win.

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So it isn't so simple, the answer to your question.

One answer is: Of course! EVERYONE wants to co-opt it. Let's start at the top, with the GOP itself.
They would love to co-opt it. They want "The Ron Paul vote."

How about The Establishment? They would love to co-opt it? How? By discrediting it. By filling the DP with all manner of ridiculous conspiracies. "Jeff Bauman was an actor who never had legs to begin with!" etc.

Then there are the Rothbardian Anarchists, who would love to take over this site. (I assume you're among them, and correct me if I'm wrong). They would love to be able to lead all of these pople to their specific and narrow ideology.

But Ron Paul is not an anarchist, as he finally made clear. Of course, like any politician, he kissed your ass by saying "I'm not there yet..." As if you anarchists are so far ahead of even .... of even Ron Paul. Ha ha ha. Brilliant. Ron Paul is the most brilliant politician ever.

But until Ron Paul "catches up" to you, he remains a proponent of limited government.

So yes, in answer to your question, am I approached by people who want to co-opt the Liberty movement? Yes, all the time.

Divining their intentions is the hard part, because they're all so damn sincere. But I cut them slack, because I was so damn sincere when I thought Ron Paul had a shot at being president.

Hope that answers your question.

He's the man.