Comment: This further shows obstruction of the Joint Commission.

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This further shows obstruction of the Joint Commission.

They requested testimony from Al-Awlaki and were denied because he was "out of country". This also puts the AG in the loop. There is much much more showing connections with the planning and financing and the FBI, which was all withheld from both commissions, but enough glimmers came through the redacted FBI files. Bob Graham has been screaming about it for years, and Phil Marshall covered much of it in his book, "The Big Bamboozle". He was hot on this trail and writing another book when he became victim of "suicide".
As for your other question, I have been clear that I think "controlled demolition" is a smoke screen, intentional or not, to distract from this route. It is obvious from available data the FBI and CIA were cozy with the planners and financiers of the operation. To what extent and why is not known, but we know the Bush Adm obstructed both commissions on this account.
In the end, it makes sense to take the path of least resistance to find the perps. Here we have concrete evidence of government knowledge at minimum. Meanwhile, everyone is arguing about CD, which cannot be proven, and this evidence just sits there virtually unnoticed. If you have not read Marshall's book, you should. There are many many connections most people are simply not aware of. I have a few extra copies and will send anyone with genuine interest a copy for free.

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