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Comment: WTF does that even mean.

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WTF does that even mean.

"the coming age of conscious awareness"?

Not to pick on you but I hear this mental dribble too often more and more.

Most of the time it means that people are justified in believing that whatever stupid-as$ opinion they come up with is just as valid as any other opinion, totally contrary to objectivism (small O) and reason.

No, not all opinions are valid. And, no, they are not all equal. For example, expressing ones opinion that food, water or air is not required for human life is a stupid opinion, obviously contrary to established scientific fact and reason.

Just because someone has such an opinion does not make it valid. Sure they have a "right" to their opinion, but the opinion in and of itself is not equal to other opinions or to reason or fact.

So, perhaps this is not what you intended to mean. If that's the case, that's great. As often as not it is, however, when people talk about this "consciousness" touchy-feely stuff.