Comment: Rand holds the same political

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Rand holds the same political

Rand holds the same political stance and personal view on gay marriage as his father.

I'm not really sure what concerns you here. Perhaps it's this...
"Doctor [Ron] Paul retains his personal opinions while still spreading a message of liberty and personal freedom."

How do I know Ron Paul's personal opinion of gay marriage? I heard it from his mouth. Actually, I'm more certain about Ron's personal views than Rand's. If you listen carefully Rand doesn't directly address gay marriage. His first reference is really a comment about Obama. His second emphasis [to the Christian audience] is a reminder to be tolerant. His final emphasis reassures his audience to not fear for the destruction of traditional marriage.

I find it odd to idolize Ron above Rand in these matters. For instance, Ron clouded the political stage so heavily with his personal views on abortion that the majority of his audience either never knew or forgot that his political stance was to simply leave it to the States.