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Comment: I finally got around

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I finally got around

to reading this thread. Thank you for posting it! Many of the comments were well expressed and insightful (thank you commenters). So I watched the video. Sheldrake is down to earth, calm, cool, eloquent and spot on with his observations (IMHO). What some have been calling pseudo-science is not Sheldrake or any of his comments but the dogmatic science which is by its very nature pseudo (false, color of science). Sheldrake is asking that we question this non-thinking dogmatism as we ask the 'difficult' questions. The ten points of politically correct "accepted science" he raises are amazing in their implied willful ignorance and denial of enormous bodies of evidence to the contrary. So all this makes modern science a political whore dialing for dollars and begging for prestige (fame and fortune). The NWO political control of capital will fund only those research projects that will further their agenda. Research into the questions raised will never be funded by The System as it erodes their false premises of lack, inevitable destruction, human helplessness and impotence and victimhood. Society as a whole is in the beginning (or middle) of a vast shift. Very little of the global disturbances we see (protests but the millions, leaping technologies, self-education of the masses through the internet, etc.) resemble the past we all grew through and experienced. It's all new. Everything is being transformed. To what? A redress to and revision of those ten pseudo-science points of dogmatism. This is already taking place else Sheldrake would not be discussing them. As these sand castles of pseudo-science tumble we see the birth of a new consciousness or understanding of what and who we are within a more lively universe than atheistic materialism can ever hope to perceive.