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he was told by the 911

he was told by the 911 operator "he didn't need to follow him" not "Don't follow him." Also, not listening to a 911 operator is not a crime.

Zimmerman passed 2 lie detector tests.

And how is Zimmerman the agressor??? You're saying that a 17-year-old black athlete couldn't get away from a middle-aged fatass white guy???? Yea okay. If Martin wanted to get away, he couldve. Fact is: he didn't want to get away because he was the aggressor.

The sad part is that during the phone call that he made to the woman who testified on martin's behalf, he probably said, "This guy's following me, I'm gonna kick his ass" or something along those lines and that chick probably egged him on, "Yea go kick that cracka's ass." And then she had to go fabricate her whole testimony and obviously did not want to be there at all.