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1) How many GOP meetings did you attend in your county? I bet none.
2) Fact.. I'm putting 12 years and 3 elections of wotking to establish balot access and open debates with over 60 law suits that we lost every one as proof.
3) Who brought up Rand? I said it's not Rand, it's those who joined the GOP and worked to establish Liberty commitees.. tell me you're city council so I can send the GOP there a donation, and give support for your GOP opposition.
4) Republican for 08/ 12.. the pronciples of those we drove out after the selection of Obama? You don't know the GOP. I'm NEW to the GOP and there are thousands just like me establishing a LIBERTY GOPs.
5)I have success, we have success and just tell me the name of your city so I can fund your GOP opposition.. you're going to SEE success right in your own city!
6)Here you are on DP doing what? Stealing our message? Fighting us.. so let's make it clear.. you have the right to your vanity campaign, and i/we have the right to undo you, which we will, because that's how our apparatice works (politics).. we're not playing games.. we in to win.. and you're going down vanity candidate.. it's nothing personal to us.. but it will be to you.. what city are you in?
7)It worked for him as a congressman every campaign. It didn't work for him as a presidential candidate.. but what it did was build a new GOP of Liberty republiCANS you choose to compete. GAME ON! Where is your city?
8)LP ideologies are quite developed, they are unfortunately infiltraited by the GOP.. and Indys have no representation, just the right to vote for what other parties put on the ballot.
9)You don't get it.. and to cop a psuedo intellectual defense and accuse me of being emotional proves that you think you know better.. Just tell me what city you live in.
10) I'm going to crush you.. nothing personal.. I relish competition.

prepare to lose.