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Really? There is no one out

Really? There is no one out there who is pro-abortion? I suggest you climb out from under your rock.

No inconsistencies. In fact, pro-abortioners are inconsistent. They seem to be trying pretty hard to define when life starts, it's it's not at the first cell division, it's much later. At least we're literal and don't budge.

It's not a matter of health care. Reproductive rights? It's more like anti-reproductive rights. Females have a choice if they want to be whores or if they have some self-control and can put off gratification. Oh, and this isn't all about feminine rights. It takes two to conceive, so men should have as much of a say in this as possible. I would probably take some slut to court if I found out she was pregnant with my child and decided to kill it. Give birth to it and sign it over to me.

How about a compromise? If you want to have an abortion, you must also be sterilized.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.