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Comment: The puzzle (assuming one

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The puzzle (assuming one

The puzzle (assuming one accepts the thesis that man is evil by nature) is;

a. governments must be run by men, inherently evil men
b. in order to keep government in check, men, inherently evil men, must be vigilant

I don't see how this puzzle can ever be solved.

We all accept ("all" being all of us working towards greater liberty) that government can become oppressive. Where we differ is as to whether it can be checked. Maybe it can, but not until there is a critical mass of citizens who accept certain foundational principles such as NAP (i.e. until there is a critical mass of "good" people).

Of all the founders, Jefferson, IMO, was by far the greatest thinker. Yet despite his great admiration for Madison's checks and balances design, Jefferson was skeptical of federalism, and even had trouble with the constitution even including the bill of rights because it required the social contract. Jefferson, rightly, struggled with how to achieve a truly voluntary government, because he recognized that the ONLY government that is legitimate is a voluntary one.

That Jefferson never found the answer to how voluntary government is practically achieved does not mean that his instincts were wrong.

Government IS evil. It MAY be necessary now and in the future. It is legitimate ONLY if it is entered into voluntarily BY THE LIVING.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein