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"Anarchism fails both

"Anarchism fails both theoretically and practically. Reason and experience are profound testaments to this. But unfortunately the myth prevails that men can somehow become angels and thrust off all need for government. The myth will always prevail among those who don't like the messiness of reality and don't believe there are inborn evils of human nature. I expose all this in The Golden Mean and put forth a philosophy of politics that will lead to a genuinely limited government that can be contained."

This is funny. If people are so rotten that government is necessary to keep us from being bad, isn't it naive to think that the legislators and organizers in any government would be free from this inherent evil as well? How, then, does legalized government force help society? Why, also, is there so much evil and violence in our leviathan, which started out as the one of the most libertarian countries in history? What limits or controls does he propose for politicians in his philosophy? A constitiution? Term limits? The same "checks and balances" that get ignored over, and over, and over again throughout history and before our very eyes?

The problem is that government doesn't work, and it definitely doesn't work for liberty.

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