Comment: What are you the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz?

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What are you the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz?

You don't even know what a Neocon is.. a Neocon is for a UN NWO global government. That's not me.

Don't confuse my passionate appreciation for Israel with being a Neocon.. no one has fought the UN harder and longer than Israel.

It's about oil to Neocons.. who are suckers to the oil rich Arabs..
For those like me, it's about developing alternatives that are affordable.. I've got business ideas I'm going to share with LIBERTY candidates who deserve good prosperous ideas.

So, you're a vet, but the VFW thinks you;'re a pussy so you act like one and dis them. Boo hoo.

And you don't drive a car or truck? You're such a fraud.

I'm already at the top of my committee, why I'm a state and national delegate and in the leadership circle.. only place left to go up would be an office in state or federal government..

I have a lot of respect for troops and vets, but that does not mean I'm going to take your crap.. I'm well aware there are many losers who get forced into the service and don't deserve my respect, rather they ride on the coat tails of the armed forces department they served, especially the dishonerable ones who the VFW tells to go to hell.