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I appreciate your candid response

I also appreciate the format of the DP. I think it's wonderful that libertarians of all flavors have a place such as this to voice our thoughts to others.

I certainly did not intend to offend you by posing the question. I was simply curious of what your response would be.

Then there are the Rothbardian Anarchists, who would love to take over this site. (I assume you're among them, and correct me if I'm wrong). They would love to be able to lead all of these pople to their specific and narrow ideology.

I hate to place labels on myself (or anyone else for that matter) but I do believe ultimately anarchy will be the solution. I don't belong to any clubs or organizations. I am a registered Republican voter, and I've attended a few local meetings. Other than that, I rarely even talk on the phone.

I am a person that is content within myself. I grew up moving about once a year. I constantly found myself making new friends and leaving old ones behind. That's why I do not need the rubber stamp of others to validate my beliefs.

I have always been interested in how everything works and fits together. This has led me to be a scientist, but my curiosity has no bounds. The broad interest I've always had progressively allows me to see the connections between everything in the world more clearly.

I worship no man, no set of men, and no supernatural being(s). I reserve the right to disagree at any time. However much I appreciate what Ron Paul has achieved in spreading the Message of Liberty, I will not always agree with what he has to say. I disagree with Mises - a supposed hero of Dr. Paul's - on some fundamental economic issues. I disagree with Rothbard from time to time, as well.

Logic, reason, and careful observation guide me. I am not easily persuaded. I always employ a healthy amount of skepticism, but I also keep an open mind.

I would be more accurately (politically) labeled as a Derrel Walters Anarchist.